This is the new me~

2018-02-19 16:59:12 by hellsing2342

Hi Guys! So, I'm a newbie to YouTube. I know, I'm not gonna be the most popular of people, but I wanna be able to make a really strong community with those who do come with me on the journey!
Now, I am someone who struggles with people, I hope to get to know you all, but I am very socially awkward, so please, don't point it out... The reason I went to YouTube was because gaming, drawing, reading, and doing voices are thing I enjoy, they bring color and meaning to the void that is the world.
The other reason is depression, I want to help those who are going through it, like I am. Depression is no laughing/joking matter, neither is bullying. Bullying is what caused my depression, and it was so bad that I attempted suicide on more than one occasion, and it those around me who kept my head above the water. I want to be that person that keeps others above water, and help them through the hard times they may be going through. And I want others to do the same, that all I want. Thats the reason for my YouTube channel, putting smiles on others faces is the goal, and doing what I enjoy is just a side effect of all I wanna achieve!


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2018-02-19 17:31:50

Welcome to Youtube, and good luck with your channel!
And i agree, depression and bullying aren't a laughing matter at all, and when you have to live with these issues, you can't think otherwise even if you wanted to. Sorry to hear about your issues btw, i hope things get better for you soon. :)

hellsing2342 responds:

What's good is my family has managed to help me... and even when I tried to push people away they stayed by me and helped me through it.
Luck for me though... the bullying stopped, but the depression is still there, but not as badly as it once was!

Thanks for the support! Hope to see you around~


2018-02-24 15:38:20

Glad to hear that. it's always a good thing to have people help you through these problems, especially family. i personally never asked anyone for help, and i somehow managed to snap out of depression (And anxiety) almost completely. also, no problem! hope to see you around as well. :)

hellsing2342 responds:

I never asked for help either... until it got really bad and I asked my mother what to do about it... :/