Hunter Part 1

2016-08-18 11:31:34 by hellsing2342

Sora: You have a long way to go if I have you on the defencive this quick.

Harold: Watch it! Don't try to kill me! *he stumbles backward almost falling over*

Sora: If you don't practice you won't get better! Don't you want to kill your brother?! HE KILLED YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Harold: I know, but...

Sora: No ifs, ands, or buts about it! You are the one who told me you want revenge. Your brother turned into a vampire and now he kills people! MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!

Harold: He still cares about me, or I'd be dead right now, how could I kill the man who spared my life?

Sora: "Take one life and save another." A great man said that to me once, though I think me might have quoted someone else. Just think about that over night.

Harold: Overnight?

Sora: Yes, I can't do anything until you are ready to take the responsibility to cut him down. You can stay here if you wish. *Puts her sword in her sheath and points to a room right down the hall.* You can stay in that room.


Sora then starts to walk away while the whole time watching Harold's expression of deep thought. Moments later he picked up his bag from the other end of the room they fought in and makes his way to the door Sora pointed out to him. When sora made her way to the top of the stairs she yells back.


Sora: We will begin again in the morning, if you're ready for it!


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