Hunter Part 2

2016-08-18 11:37:28 by hellsing2342

A few days after Sora started training Harold, she left him in the manor while she went out to hunt, only to run into Harold's older brother.


Harold's Brother: So, who are you?

Sora: Your brother's teacher. He doesn't quite know how to feel about you because you spared him.

Harold's Brother: Oh, I see. You took him in after I killed our family. I'm glad to see him happy again though.

Sora: If you feel bad for him, you should have taken care of him. And not have killed your family. Who even are you to judge people?!

Harold's Brother: Me, you ask? My name is Joseph. The only reason I'm not killing you right now is because Harold finally seems happy again.

Sora: The only thing that keeps him going right now is his hatred of you.

Joseph: Next time we meet I might tell you why I did what I did.


Joseph turns to walk down an alley when Sora fires a warning shot.


Sora: You're not going anywhere, not till you at least tell Harold why.

Joseph: Like you can stop me. *He starts to grin and his eyes glow a deeper red.*

Sora: I don't want to kill you, Harold deserves that much. You should at least tell him what happened to you. I remember you from school years before you turned into the vampire you are.

Joseph: Oh? That's just as well, but I could never face him in this state. *The grin diminishes as he walks away.*

Sora: You will have to face him at some point. *She lowers her crossbow and hooks it to the loop on her belt.*


Sora and Joseph go their separate ways, or so she thought...


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