Hunter Part 3

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The next day as Sora made her rounds about her manor, she found someone had followed her home. As she drew closer to the figure that stood in the shadows of her garden. The man threw a punch, sending her to the ground. When she tried to get up, the man stepped on her head, immobilizing her. This is when she figured out who attacked her. It was Joseph.


Joseph: It's a nice house, I'll give you that. But a young girl like yourself living in such a home alone. No wonder you let Harold stay here.

Sora: Joseph, I said I would not kill you. So get off of me.

Joseph: Isn't a hunter allowing a vampire to live a disgrace though?

Sora: Be it as it may, I'm one to keep their word. Especially to their pupils. If it wasn't for Harold, I would have killed you last night.

Joseph: As I am one to keep my word as well. I said I would tell you why I killed our family next time we met, did I not?

Sora: You did, but I'm not the one you need to tell. Harold is.

Joseph: It would be better if I'm not the one to tell him, or he would never believe me.

Sora: I can understand why. Just get your foot off of my head already!

Joseph: Fine. *He helps her to her feet, then grabs her by the throat pinning her to the wall.* though I do need insurance to you saying you won't kill me first.


As he says that his eyes glow red and fangs form in the front of his mouth. Moments later Sora feels a sharp pain in her neck and blacks out from the feeling of weakness it gives her. When she wakes up, she's on the ground next to Joseph. As she tries to sit up he advises her not to. But she finds she can't move very much anyway.


Sora: What did you do to me?

Joseph: I got my, 'insurance' about you not killing me, that's all. *He grins yet again, but then looks to the sky as the red finishes diminishing from his eyes.* You asked why I killed my family, yet I spared Harold, am I correct?


All Sora could manage due to the pain and dizziness is a mere nod. But as she looks around, she finds they are not in her garden anymore. And before she could ask where they were, Joseph stands up holding the tree to help him find balance on the small hill.


Joseph: I thought here would be less likely to be found by your hunter friends. If they were to find me and you together, we'd both be dead. We're just outside of town, so you know where to find me if you ever need to find me.

Sora: Why would I ever need to find you?! Of all people?!

Joseph: Calm down before you blackout again. *He puts his hand on Sora's head and smiles a little*

Sora: What are you do-


Joseph puts a hand over her mouth as he looks in the direction of the town. As he narrows his eyes he finds two skilled hunters coming their way.


Joseph: Hunters are coming.

Sora: *Pushes his hand from her mouth* What? They never leave town unless hired to help in other towns or cities.

Joseph: I know, I've been here for long enough to figure that out.


Joseph grabs Sora's arm, pulling her to her feet, then picking her up and running to a small cave like area on the side opposite the walkway. He motions to stay quiet till they pass by. Minutes pass, when they are both sure that the hunter's are gone they crawl out of the cave, and make their way to the top of the hill once again.


Joseph: As I was getting ready to say, I killed our family for a reason. Our family would beat us because we never had the interest of joining the hunter's. And so one day, during my daily beating Harold walked in, and had a table thrown at him. And that's what made up my mind. A few days later i was jumped in an alley, and bitten by a vampire, deep enough that when they were run off that I turned. When i returned home, i found Harold stuck in bed by how bad he was beat. The next morning i found my blood thirst, so to fix it, I killed the family Harold and I despised, hardly able to hold myself back from killing him. But the reason I didn't kill him was, after I would get beat, he would help me to heal my wounds. I even took his beating to keep him alive. If he was to get beat in his state, he would have died. Before I killed the family, he was a weak, sick boy. Do you get it?

Sora: So you killed them all for his sake?

Joseph: Yes...

Hunter Part 2

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A few days after Sora started training Harold, she left him in the manor while she went out to hunt, only to run into Harold's older brother.


Harold's Brother: So, who are you?

Sora: Your brother's teacher. He doesn't quite know how to feel about you because you spared him.

Harold's Brother: Oh, I see. You took him in after I killed our family. I'm glad to see him happy again though.

Sora: If you feel bad for him, you should have taken care of him. And not have killed your family. Who even are you to judge people?!

Harold's Brother: Me, you ask? My name is Joseph. The only reason I'm not killing you right now is because Harold finally seems happy again.

Sora: The only thing that keeps him going right now is his hatred of you.

Joseph: Next time we meet I might tell you why I did what I did.


Joseph turns to walk down an alley when Sora fires a warning shot.


Sora: You're not going anywhere, not till you at least tell Harold why.

Joseph: Like you can stop me. *He starts to grin and his eyes glow a deeper red.*

Sora: I don't want to kill you, Harold deserves that much. You should at least tell him what happened to you. I remember you from school years before you turned into the vampire you are.

Joseph: Oh? That's just as well, but I could never face him in this state. *The grin diminishes as he walks away.*

Sora: You will have to face him at some point. *She lowers her crossbow and hooks it to the loop on her belt.*


Sora and Joseph go their separate ways, or so she thought...

Hunter Part 1

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Sora: You have a long way to go if I have you on the defencive this quick.

Harold: Watch it! Don't try to kill me! *he stumbles backward almost falling over*

Sora: If you don't practice you won't get better! Don't you want to kill your brother?! HE KILLED YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Harold: I know, but...

Sora: No ifs, ands, or buts about it! You are the one who told me you want revenge. Your brother turned into a vampire and now he kills people! MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!

Harold: He still cares about me, or I'd be dead right now, how could I kill the man who spared my life?

Sora: "Take one life and save another." A great man said that to me once, though I think me might have quoted someone else. Just think about that over night.

Harold: Overnight?

Sora: Yes, I can't do anything until you are ready to take the responsibility to cut him down. You can stay here if you wish. *Puts her sword in her sheath and points to a room right down the hall.* You can stay in that room.


Sora then starts to walk away while the whole time watching Harold's expression of deep thought. Moments later he picked up his bag from the other end of the room they fought in and makes his way to the door Sora pointed out to him. When sora made her way to the top of the stairs she yells back.


Sora: We will begin again in the morning, if you're ready for it!


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I'm happy to say that as a YouTuber, I'm starting to do well. Many people I know said I wouldn't be able to do much with my life, and most my life I believed them. Now I'm proving them wrong, just wanting to rub it in their faces that they are the ones who wont do much in life. When someone says you wont amount to much, you go prove them wrong, it's just the way life should be. ^.^ Just... Remember that!